Shopping for a Moon Bracelet – Featured Artist: SilverWishes

I’m going to buy myself a present! 😀 I usually don’t buy big things for myself, but I’ve ALWAYS wanted a piece of moon jewelry. I’ve browsed online for years but hadn’t found the perfect piece until now. I mean look at these!! They’re from an Etsy shop called SilverWishes and are handmade with recycled fine silver.

Now all I have to do is pick one!

Moon Story No. 3 – $225+

The bracelet above was the first one I came across. It’s a little more than what I’d normally spend on myself, but I felt such a connection to it the moment I saw it. My only hesitation is that it looks pretty chunky, and since this is a piece I plan to wear daily I’m afraid something too heavy will bother me (especially when sewing and crafting). But I do love the individual disks with the trees surrounding the moon phases.

Transitions No. 2 – $124+

I absolutely LOVE this one. It’s subtle and shows the complete moon cycle. And look at the pretty detail on each chain link. Beautiful!

Traveler’s Moon – $114+

This one reminds me of a combo of the first two. It has the vine-like tree border and chunky links. It looks like it’s comfy and sturdy.

Forest Moon – $72

And just for fun, here’s a moon necklace! I’m not crazy about wearing necklaces everyday, but it’s so pretty!

Well, I’m going to think pretty hard about this, but I’ll be back with my decision and new bracelet in a few weeks! 🙂

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