My name is Madeline and I’m the creator behind-the-scenes of THF. I love making—whether it’s sewing, writing, artwork, and whatever else I’m into that day!

My Etsy Shop

I started my Etsy shop TidwellHollowFriends in 2012. It’s hard to believe I’ve been sewing  for four years (mind you, it’s been off and on)! It all started when my mom decided to open up her own fabric doll Etsy shop called RovingOvine. She taught me how to sew dolls using her patterns and told me I should try selling them for fun, too, and eventually I did! Over time, my dolls have taken a shape of their own as I’ve honed my skills.

The biggest THF heart throb has to be my ginger fox. I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve made over the years!

Behind the Name

If you’re wondering, a “Tidwell Hollow” is a small piece of land in St. Joseph, Tennessee that my parents owned a part of. Some of our most memorable times were spent there, and we’d often see critters roaming the woods. Since a lot of the toys I make are woodland animals, I decided to name my Etsy shop after Tidwell Hollow.